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We've held off on putting up an FAQ for some time because it's both self-important and also because we never had enough questions frequently asked up until recently.

Q: 42/11 vs. Nill vs. Cinnamon Douche


Q: What does 42/11 mean?

A: The etymology of 42/11 is beyond the scope of this document.

Q: Did you really submerge a motherboard/eat cat food/break two laptops/order a bacon pizza/shave your head while driving/buy everything on the white castle menu/spend $92 on a cake?

A: Yes/No/Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes

Q: I found multiple episodes with the same number and/or there are skipped numbers

A: Episode numbers are not guaranteed to be unique, consective, chronological, or integers. All of those constraints have already been broken. The numbers only indicate a suggested viewing order; there are multiple paths through the set of episodes depending on where you've been linked from.

Q: In episode 26, how did the computer boot up with the RAM and CPU broken?

A: Watch closer

Q: Why are some clips sped up?

A: Some clips in the 42/11 episodes are sped up for comedic or artistic reasons. Some clips are sped up much faster (e.g. drinking a gallon of Sunny Delight) if they take a while to show. Commentaries for the Let's try to Play series are pitch-shifted but not sped up to avoid the monotony that plagues other video game reviews.

Q: What are the lyrics of song xyz about?

A: Most songs are abstract without a predetermined premise (I want to die, Blind Spots, Sleep Time, Closed Captioning, Vaseline); some are based on people we know and are usually labelled as such (Bridget's Dad, Brad's Mom, Don's Grandma, In Direct Sunlight, Store 5207); some are the basis of inside jokes (I Trusted you, Green arrows up); Some are about a particular idea or story (NJ Transit, 45 Ninja Girls, Glory Days); Others based on public figures (My name is Deven Gallo, Connect Four); Real life experiences (Lunar Landings, Down at Shop Rite); or dreams (In the Dreamland, Dream Ramp)